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Hey, I'm your instructor, Darnell

As a Certified Growth Strategist & Educator, I help leaders & experts save time and impact lives through clarity, strategy, and empathy. Combining courses, podcasting, and strategies, I share proven, empathetic insights from over 10 years of serving 200+ clients of all shapes and sizes. Helping businesses become more human and compelling is my purpose and privilege. I'd love to show you the way as well.

So you wanna know even more?🤔

Before I started creating courses, I consulted with companies as a brand strategist. Before that, I did freelance graphic design. But let me back all the way up...

Ever since I was a youngin, I've been putting pencil to paper. Art and I have been inseparable since the '80s. As my first true love, it’s why I chose graphic design as my college major, graduating in '03 with an Associate Degree. And $20K in student loans. 

My second true love has always been entrepreneurship. Since age 12, I've been working hard for the money. Queue up that Donna Summers song. From pitching pecans in the fall to mowing lawns in the summer and all the family portraits I drew in between, I've been hustling for a living.  

In 2008, I left my first and only job as a graphic artist at a promo products firm - during the height of The Great Recession with a new house, new gal, and no financial runway. Like nada cash flow. Between pushing 80 hours a week taking on any design jobs I could land and 20 hours a week dropping off meals as a delivery driver, I somehow found a way forward. I hustled.  

By 2013, I'd helped two tech startups raise $2M+ in funding, I’d owned shares in both, and was earning six figures a year. It was a lovely time, but it was short-lived. Still, I’m proud of those achievements.  

After serving well over 200 clients of all shapes and sizes, it's time to share all that I've learned. These days, I’m helping businesses like yours attract and get to know their customers more intimately. I'm also a father of three: Bulletproof Hustle, LETELLIER, and Bauer (our Boxer Mix).

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